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organic moisturiser, cleanser and facial scrub set

About us

Focused on complete purity, absolute freshness and ultra potency.

Here at NewAge Organics
- Why organic & natural ingredients is best.


NewAge Organics was born out to the desire to create a clean, effective and conscious beauty brand. Our multi-tasker products are specially made to achieve optimal radiance and health. Improving overall appearance, feel and function of both your skin and hair. Our products are super nutritious, highly concentrated and rich in beneficial compounds.

The fact that natural products have a significant concentration of active components means that they have immediate and long lasting performance, how great is that! Our mission is to help you tackle concerns and maintain your natural beauty without impacting your health or the natural world around you. 


People around the world are becoming more aware of the effectiveness, sustainability, and kinder nature of organic and natural ingredients. Here are the main benefits

• Skin friendly

Healthier and safer

Environmentally friendly

• Recycling or biodegradable packaging

• Effective and affordable

• Have stood the test of time

• Better quality and performance 

• Sustainably sourced ingredients

• Cruelty free and vegan


We know that beyond physical health, cosmetics can help to improve our mood, enhance our appearance and boost our self-esteem. So when you choose natural products for your body, one thing you will definitely notice is that your appearance will change.

You will start to see your skin clear up and look brighter and more rejuvenated, or maybe your hair is starting to grow longer and feel softer! 

Say hello to the new you! - Megan The Maker 

It can be hard to find products that not only work and suit your skin, but that are vegan, natural, cruelty free, environmental friendly, organic and plant based! Which is why I hope you love and appreciated NewAge Organics as much as I do! 
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